Clay Animation is a form of stop-motion animation featuring characters and objects constructed from clay or plasticine. Some examples of Claymation films are Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit and our favourite, the 2003 Oscar winning Harvie Krumpet by Melbourne animator Adam Elliot.

Animators use this form of animation to make the models look more realistic because the clay allows them to create flexible movements.

You make a movie by taking a photo using a digital camera. Next, you move the model/s a tiny bit:  shoot, move, shoot, move, until you create motion.


At YWPS we shoot our movies at 12 fps (frames per second) to make the animation look smooth and realistic. This means that 720 individual photos are taken by the students for every minute of animation!  Although time-consuming, the whole process is really fun! 


We are posting our Claymations in unlisted playlists on YouTube. Please enjoy our award winning film, 'George and his Groaning Mouth' here (YouTube is blocked to students when they use the internet at YWPS. Please use an unfiltered internet service to view the animations.)


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