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Welcome to Yarraville West Primary School.

We are proud of our 130 year history in providing education. Yarraville West Primary School is at the very heart of the Yarraville community and our alumni carries many names from a proud education history in the west.


Our school is situated on the corner of Anderson and Powell Streets, Yarraville, adjacent to the expansive Yarraville Oval and close to the vibrant Yarraville Village.


YWPS strives to build a ‘community of learners’ who work collectively toward success for all. We aim to ensure that learning is relevant and applicable to our students. We promote resilience, persistence and independent learning strategies to foster lifelong learning that capably prepares our students for the 21st Century.


We have talented, caring and committed staff, who bring a variety of skills, interests and experience to the school.

YWPS believes the most profound learning occurs when there is a healthy relationship between teachers, parents, and students. We continuously look for ways to enhance our community engagement and connections.


Yarraville West Primary: Great Kids, Great Community, Great School!


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