Children at Yarraville West are proud of their uniform. The sky-blue coloured tops are recognised around the Yarraville community, giving students a sense of belonging and a degree of security. Our uniform encourages the students to feel pride in their school and themselves.

Students are required to wear the uniform during school hours, travelling to and from school and on any school excursions.

Uniform supplier
All uniform items can be purchased through the RH Sports website, the official uniform supplier of Yarraville West Primary School.

Second hand uniforms
If your child has outgrown their uniform, you can bring good quality items back to the school for use as second hand uniforms for families or for use by the school in emergency situations.

Great Kids! Great School! tops
Great Kids tops (sometimes known as Sport tops) are sold by the school as a fundraiser. Long and short-sleeve tops are available to purchase at the school office. Children are able to wear them as part of their daily uniform.


Year Bomber Jacket
Year 6 students deserve to stand out and have a valuable memento of their Primary School years. Having their own unique bomber jacket that they can wear each day at school and within the community allows just that. The Year 6 bomber jackets are available for purchase via Compass.



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