Student Leadership

At Yarraville West Primary School we want our students to have voice and choice in how they learn, so that they become self-directed learners driven by their interests. Our students have many opportunities to strengthen skills in communication, responsibility and motivating others, through student leadership. We provide our students with supportive guidance from the moment they step into these roles, so that they develop vital skills to carry into the future.


Student Agency

We are committed to providing a school culture where students can direct and take responsibility for their learning.  Our aim is to ensure that all students develop the skills to be independent and self-regulating learners.  This may look like students setting, monitoring and achieving their own learning goals, or designing and developing projects and action team initiatives with their teacher.


Junior School Council

At Yarraville West Primary School, we have an active Junior School Council (JSC). Student representatives from every Grade 3–6 class are elected each year by their classmates to form the JSC. The JSC members meet weekly and are supported by teachers to discuss current school issues and to organise particular events. The JSC organise and host the school assemblies held throughout the year, and arrange fundraising events and activities at specific times during the year.

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