NumeracyAt Yarraville West Primary School we encourage our students to believe that there is a mathematician in all of us. Our Mathematics Program focuses on developing students’ understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills across three content strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Students develop useful mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, work and as active and critical citizens in a technological world.


The junior level of the school lays the foundation for learning Mathematics. Students have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of number and access mathematical ideas relevant to their current lives. They learn to think about numbers in flexible ways, identify and apply simple strategies to investigate solutions, and strengthen their reasoning to solve personally meaningful problems.


During the junior years, maths lessons are designed to provide students the opportunity to explore Mathematics on their own, with a partner, with the teacher and through a variety of problems, games, tasks and hands-on experiences.


As students transition to the senior school, Mathematics begins to expand from the concrete to the abstract. Students are scaffolded to develop increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, modelling and problem-solving. These capabilities enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by applying mathematics to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently.


Students begin to see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in a variety of contexts.


In additional to our classroom Mathematics Program, we provide opportunities for students in Year 3 to Year 6 who demonstrate a passion, aptitude and growth mindset to learning mathematics, to participate in a range of Mathematic competitions offered through the Australian Maths Trust.


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