Within School Transition Program

At Yarraville West Primary School we want all our students to feel happy and safe within their new learning environment. To help support them with this, students will participate in a ‘Within School’ transition program. As part of the transition program, students will have the opportunity to meet their next year’s teacher and classmates over two sessions held in the last few weeks of Term 4.


The transition program is designed to allow students to:


  • Begin building a positive relationship with their teacher for the next year
  • Meet and form friendships with their peers in their grade for the next year
  • Become familiar with the classroom and learning environment


The transition sessions are designed to allow students to get to know one another as well as their teacher in an engaging and authentic way.


The idea of moving into a new grade with a different teacher and group of peers can be both exciting and challenging for many of our students. It is important that we help prepare them ahead of time and support them during the transition process. Here are some things you can do as a parent to make a smooth school transition:


  1. Talk positively about learning with a new teacher and joining a new year level and classroom.
  2. Acknowledge and discuss any questions or concerns they may have.
  3. Reassure them that they will have at least one of their friend preferences in their grade.


You may also like to read our ‘YWPS Within School Transition’ Social Story leading up to the first transition session as another way to prepare.



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