Our Approach

At Yarraville West, we employ a range of evidence-based practices to ensure every child is safe, happy and healthy. Our staff share a collective understanding that the highest of levels of learning and engagement can only take place when students' wellbeing is the first priority. 


All teaching and learning at our school is centred around ensuring that children are supported socially and emotionally, in order for them to flourish. Our school values, Respect, Resilience, Integrity and Creativity are threaded through the curriculum and whole school activities. These values encourage students to make positive choices in their day-to-day learning and interactions with others. 


We focus on positive education, combining academic skills, social skills, emotional regulation and resilience. Social and emotional learning and our school values are explored through the use of a range of teaching strategies and resources appropriate to each year level. These are underpinned by the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships learning materials which are utilised in every classroom from Prep to Year 6.


In the classroom, students are given frequent opportunities to work with others, which helps to foster cooperation and teamwork. Teachers have collaborated to define the key principles of effective classroom management at our school. We believe in Respect, Organisation, Consistency, Routine, Positivity, Engagement and High Expectations.


In the playground, we aim to reinforce positive relationships, which is supported by our School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix. There are a number of lunchtime activities, the Buddy Program, and teachers on yard duty to support students to solve problems and continue to build respectful relationships across the school.




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