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Our School Council meets twice each term.  Here is the latest report from our President, Kristine Daw.

With only a month till we say goodbye to the school year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, parents and students this year.  It has been wonderful to reconnect as a school and a community.

This term has been busy, from incursions to prep transitions, camps and the Grade 6 class preparing for their graduation.

To the Grade 6 students, congratulations on your final year of primary school as you embark on new adventures.  Enjoy your graduation.  Celebrate your achievements and best wishes for your first year at high school.

Congratulations to all the staff for making these camps a wonderful experience for the students.  The Grade 3 / 4 Camps saw the students head to Camp Campaspe for three days of activities and fun.  From archery to bushcraft to making rafts and the disco.  Thank you to all the teachers who, like the kids, had minimal sleep.  

With the Grade 2’s heading off in a few days, I look forward to hearing their stories.

Earlier this term, we received our NAPLAN results.  Congratulations to all the students for your achievements.  For every student, it was the first time for all students to complete this assessment, and I would like them to be proud of their accomplishments.

This term, we have welcomed our new preps for 2023.  With their grades announced and their transition days completed, I hope each child has a happy beginning to the great adventure of life at school. 

As we move into 2023, we continue to seek new ways to enhance and increase our connection with the parents and students.  From next year we will have some new and improved features from Compass, personalised to grades and students’ information.

Congratulations to the Junior School Council for bringing new initiatives into the school.  We thank you for all your work this year.

Our Buildings and Grounds committee held a working bee for the sensory courtyard earlier in the term.  With 20 parents and students volunteering their time to help progress this project, we look forward to the builders moving in sometime soon.

The Events Committee has organised Mr Whippy for the 14th December, as a special end of year celebration for the students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year working with the staff, students and parents.  Thank you isn’t enough for everyone volunteering their time through the Council and the sub-committees.  It has been a pleasure working with you.

The School Council invites new parents for 2023 to join these sub-committees as we work together to provide further opportunities for our students.  

Working with a dedicated group of staff, parents and students have been a pleasure.  I wish you all the best for Christmas and the new year.  I hope the summer holidays bring lots of sunshine and some time to relax and enjoy precious time with our families and friends.


Kristine Daw

School Council President


For information about our School Council and nominations for our 2022 Council membership, please see the documents below:

School Council Information for Parents

School Council Self-Nomination Form for Parents

School Council Parent Nomination Form


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