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Our School Council meets twice each term.  Here is the latest report from our President, Simone Holding.

The commencement of the 2022 school year has seen the introduction of our new school vision, being to develop a positive, courageous and reflective learning culture that connects students, families and staff proudly to our community. That vision is particularly relevant now that we seem to have a clearer line of sight to the future, with hopefully less COVID disruption.

The School Council is excited and energised about what the future holds for YWPS. We can now refocus on connecting with each other and finding new ways to pool our ideas and resources to provide new experiences and opportunities for students.

The Events Committee is busy planning an exciting new social event for later this term. Details to be provided shortly. Wheels are also in motion for a year level focussed parent and carer event, to help parents and carers of students who commenced at YWPS during COVID to connect.

Our new Strategic Plan for the following 3 years has also been finalised, after a herculean effort by Karen and the YWPS leadership team, with invaluable input from parents and the student body. I’m confident that Plan provides a good focus point for YWPS’ next chapter. The Strategic Plan will be released over the coming month.

This is my last newsletter as School Council President. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to occupy that position over the last year. Over my term, I have seen firsthand the wonderful, diverse array of skills and ideas that parents at YWPS have to offer. Those skills and ideas are complimented perfectly by the passion that we all have to provide the best opportunities for our children, in a strong community setting. Those skills, ideas and passion are so important and YWPS will be actively looking for new ways to harness all of them in 2022.


Simone Holding

Simone Holding
School Council President

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