"Raise Your Voice" Campaign

What do you want Australia to look like in 20 years?

This was the question put to a passionate group of 5/6 students as part of  ‘Raise Your Voice’, a campaign which aims to connect youth voices to Parliament to help them feel connected to our political system. 

Our students were asked to write a 90 second speech imagining the future Australia that they want to live in.

We were blown away with the quality of the work submitted by all of our students, however it was Leila Todd’s speech that caught the eye of Lidia Thorpe, Senator for Victoria, who chose to read it out to Parliament last Wednesday.

Not only was Leila’s speech chosen over hundreds of other applicants, but because it was read out in Parliament it is entered into Hansard, the official record of everything spoken in Australian Parliament. Leila’s name and speech is now a part of our offical history book! Well done Leila, and to all who entered!

Click here to hear the speech:  Raise Your Voice

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